Parts Plan for 8 Series Compressors

Parts Plan for 8 Series Compressors

8 Plan, for the right parts at the right time

All parts for preventive maintenance ordered in one click

The 8 Plan is a service offer for the 8 series compressor range that provides you with all maintenance kits and consumables required for preventive maintenance. The parts are delivered to you proactively – at the correct intervals and in accordance with the compressor’s maintenance schedule. 

The set-up of your plan is based on the usage and running hours of your equipment. It can be customized and adjusted at any time, according to your specific needs. The price is pre-defined, and the plan runs over a period of 2 or 3 years – the choice is yours.

An extended warranty can be purchased with a Parts Plan, offering you peace of mind for an additional 2 or 3 years, or a number of running hours, depending on your equipment.

Improved service planning & budget

Thanks to on-time service with genuine parts and consumables, our 8 Plan improves your equipment’s reliability. Because the right parts are delivered according to the parts schedule, each delivery of parts reminds your technicians that they need to conduct the corresponding maintenance. Extra benefit: you no longer need to stock parts.

The 8 Plan makes it easy and simple to budget for parts only once. So, you eliminate the administrative burden of repetitive, time-consuming procurement processes for spare parts. At the same time, the plan maximizes your machine’s uptime.

Lower service costs

Maximum uptime

Minimum administration

Parts Plan for 8 Series Compressors

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