Easy open and close

The flow valve lever opens and closes the internal valve that flushes the topping

Save time on bag opening

The fixed knives inside the hopper break bags easily

Easy transportation

The wheels can be locked for easy transportation

Dust free

A heavy-duty rear curtain prevents dust from spreading

Flow is up to you

The flow adjustment lock allows you to spray the exact same quantity of material on the whole surface

Get a grip

Sturdy handles keeps your operation safe

Smoother concrete with our spreader wagon

During the floating process, the final layer of concrete is spread evenly with a spreader wagon. The floor gets stronger and you can add concrete floor colour in the process.

Technical specifications

Technical details


Drum + wheel

Hopper width, internal

830 mm

Hopper capacity

60 kg


manual push / pull


40 kg

Spreader capacity

1 kg/m - 4 kg/m

Part number

4812 0552 40