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LED light tower HiLight H5+

Efficient compactness

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Up to 10 units fit in a standard 13 meter truck


Runtime with lamps on


Luminosity with a 20 lux (brightness)


5.000 m2 with a 20 lux (brightness)

Fuel efficiency

0,5 l/h


220 h with lamps on

Fuel saving light tower

The HiLight H5+ offers best-in-class fuel consumption, allowing longer run times between refuelling as well as long service intervals.

Compactness in a trailer

Transport efficiency is also guaranteed as you can fit up to 10 units on a standard 13 meter truck.

Technical data

    HiLight H5+
Rated power (PRP) kW 2,7
Engine model   Hatz 1 B 50
Fuel tank capacity l 120
Fuel autonomy h 185
Wattage W 4 x 350
Type   Hydraulic
Maximum height mm 8000
Sound pressure level (LpA) at 7m dB(A) 65
Dimensions (inc. Transport fix towbar)
Lenght mm 2300
Width mm 1280
Height mm 2485
Weight kg 1050

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