Effective device programming

ToolsTalk BLM is a PC software package developed to manage programs and settings of the STwrench and STa 6000. It offers easy user-friendly programming and real time monitoring. With the ToolsTalk BLM you can create and edit the tightening programs in real time, off-line programming and create program back-up. It also allows full device configuration and receives the tightening results and traces. A smart Excel database for the STa 6000 results is featured by TT BLM software.


  • Full device control and programming
  • Real time or off-line Pset management
  • Pset back-up solution
  • Result traceability
  • Trace analysis and comparison
  • Wireless communication to STA 6000
  • Smart excel export


  • Easy installation
  • Program back-up for easy device rebalancing
  • No training cost
  • Complete joint analysis

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