SRTT-B Transducer

Reliable torque reference transducer

SRTT-B is the new generation of Atlas Copco stationary reaction torque transducers with improved durability, thanks to their new mechanical design. Designed for testing any kind of tools: from wrenches, click wrenches to any power tool models where rotary action is not desired during measurement. Its new patented system of fixing the joint simulator on top avoids any possible errors due to play between the two devices. A complete range of accessories and a mechanical joint simulator enables you to test shut-off tools or wrenches with square drive output.


  • Wide Torque range
  • Soft or hard joint simulators
  • Ideal for pulse tools check
  • Integrated memory chip for calibration data storage
  • Durable design


  • Fast test setup thanks to automatic recognition
  • Suitable for high demanding torque and angle calibration needs
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • Avoid set-up calibration errors
  • Wireless ready working with IRC-Connect
  • Low maintenance cost

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