ELEC CAB - Multi pump controller for industrial vacuum pumps

ELEC CAB - Multi pump controllers

The SMART solution for your central vacuum system management. Increase the efficiency of your multiple pump installation with the ELEC CAB controllers.

Save energy & cut costs

Thanks to smart algorithms, the ELEC CAB delivers an optimal blend of product performance. It does this by measuring the working pressure and ensuring the collective pumps to work together and deliver proportionately. The variable speed driven lead pump (VSD) can react quickly to demand changes and keep the system pressure stable, maximizing energy savings.

Reduce maintenance

When combing the ELEC CAB multi-pump controller with several vacuum pumps, the role of lead VSD pump can be distributed evenly, spreading the running hours of each fixed speed pump into equal measures. This reduces both maintenance time and costs while increasing effective lifetimes.

SMARTLINK: more than just a watchful eye

An optional solution for data monitoring: easy to install and customizable. It brings system relevant data to your smartphone, tablet and PC. Whenever and wherever you have access to the internet, you obtain the information you need to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Service calls can be efficiently planned and production losses minimized.

ELEC CAB multi pump controllers - Designed for global use

Atlas Copco’s ELEC CAB multi-vacuum pump controllers allow you to start/stop and control multiple vacuum pumps simultaneously according to set working pressures. With a built-in PLC remote monitoring of this mini-system is very easy. The ELEC CAB is available in two wall-mounted models for the control of up to 2 or 4 pumps with the same motor size. One pump is run as a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to take the lead while the other pumps cater the base load as fixed speed pumps. The ELEC CAB comes with a built-in frequency inverter and pumps with motors larger than 7.5 kW will be started with a soft-starter.

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