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GA 22+ FF. Oil-injected screw compressor with built-in refrigereant dryer.Cover image

The New GA⁺ Compressors: Industry-leading Performers in Efficiency and Reliability

Our new line of GA compressor feature advanced connectivity and control, groundbreaking efficiency and superior reliability. The GA 11⁺ - 30 line meets and exceeds the highest expectations.

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Supreme energy efficiency

The GA⁺'s all-in-one solution provides high-quality air at the lowest possible operating cost. Thanks to our state-of-the-art compressor element and smart design, power consumption is reduced by 3-8%.

Superior performance

The state-of-the-art compression element is coupled with a maintenance-free gearbox and the motor and drive train are greased for life. The range also features an integrated dryer with heat exchanger and integrated water separator for dry, quality air.

State-of-the art monitoring & control

The new GA range features a high-tech Elektronikon® Touch controller with high-definition color display, easy to use and built to perform in the toughest conditions. On top of that, the standard SMARTLINK remote monitoring system maximizes air system performance and energy savings.

Quick installation & maintenance

These compressors get delivered to you plug & play and its main components are easily accessible.

Highly customizable

This range comes with a wide array of options, ranging from integrated filters and thermostats, all the way to freeze and rain protection. Take a look at the datasheet below to check a complete list of options we offer.


Increase in FAD (up to)


Less Power Consumption (up to)


Continuous Duty Cycle.

Download the GA 11⁺-30 product datasheets