TurboBlock (TM) standardized centrifugal compressor

Designed for the power generation industry, our standardized TurboBlock™ compressors meet a growing demand for fuel gas boosting solutions with short lead times and long-lasting reliability.
Built with integral-gear technology.

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Pre-engineered system with configurable options

Maintains high reliability in a cost effective design

Lube oil manifold

Integrated design optimizes lubrication system while reducing the number of components

Plate-and-frame water cooler

Compact design reduces the overall footprint

Dual oil filters

Offers superior protection for added reliability

Sound level with enclosure

85dbA at 3 meters

Optional features

On-skid control panel
Air-cooled coolers
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The standardized, integrally geared compressor that reduces CAPEX

With an Atlas Copco centrifugal compressor at its core, TurboBlock (TM) makes a standardized fuel gas booster option available — one with all of the essential components, but without the cost of more specialized products. It effectively handles the fuel gas pressure through single or multiple stages to create the pressure needed in the gas turbine combustion chamber.

Standardized design of TurboBlock is a response to the markets’s needs for reliable, yet cost-efficient solution for the industry that moved from coal to natural gas for power.

In developing TurboBlock (TM), we improved its core seal systems by reducing porting and nitrogen usage, and by simplifying the seal support system. TurboBlock also features a compact base frame, separate oil tank, single plate / frame oil cooler, piping reductions and simplified components, which make the booster’s footprint significantly smaller than those of its customizable counterparts.

The TurboBlock (TM) product range provides flexibility by offering a number of standard features that can be added according to customers’ preferences; at the same time, it can meet high-spec process requirements by incorporating add-on modules or systems.

With excellent turndown means top combustion efficiency and all-in-one skid packaging for easy setup, TurboBlock reduces CAPEX costs by cutting out customization.

Technical product specifications

Performance data

Maximum suction pressure

30 bar(a)

Maximum discharge pressure

50 bar(a)

Suction temperature

0 °C - 200 °C

Effective inlet flow range

250 m³/h - 10 000 m³/h

Stages (min./max)

1 - 2

Seal Types

carbon ring, dry gas, labyrinth

Power requirement HP

7 000 HP