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Efficient drilling solutions

The DrillAir range provides one of the highest air volumes at one of the highest air pressures available in the portable compressor industry. This also makes these new compressors one of the most energy efficient by having a very low specific fuel consumption for the air delivered.

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Why Drillair?

Drillair efficient drilling cost overview

The cost overview

Atlas Copco offers a full range of compressors known as the DrillAir range. This range of compressors is specifically developed to cover a multitude of drilling applications. The DrillAir range is built scientifically around the principals of pressure and flow. The focus of the design is the relationship between these two variables and for the compressor to find the combination which is right for the application – to improve the efficiency aspects of time spent and fuel consumed. With the DrillAir range, you achieve the maximum air flow at any pressure setting.

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to efficient drilling. Depending on the depth of hole and the size of the hammer the right product makes all the difference. The DrillAir range gives you the opportunity to choose a product which is right for your core business, while giving you the flexibility to adapt to changes in well depth and hammer size, for any custom applications.

Drillair is designed to contribute in higher profitability of drilling operations. High pressure, Dynamic Flow boost, Stage 4 compliancy, extended pressure range enhance productivity while other options help to decrease operational cost.

Higher profits

Drilling is a tough business. Every second counts: time is money. By drilling faster your revenues grow. By managing the operational costs of the extra meters drilled, the DrillAir allows you to make higher profits.

Higher revenue

The Atlas Copco DrillAir range offers it all, with all the features you need to drill faster, and increase your revenue.

Lower operational expenses

With these features on the Atlas Copco DrilAir range you are fully empowered to minimize your operational cost.

Lower maintenance expenses

Maintenance and repair costs are predictable with the standard warranty which can be extended with the Atlas Copco Service Program.

Higher residual value

The DrillAir range benefits from specifically designed features to ensure a higher residual value, hence decreasing depreciation expenses.