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Light The Power App

Your power and light calculator

Light The Power App

This application is a power and light calculator to help users with different technical requirements to choose the best Atlas Copco solution for their needs. It includes; generators and light towers sizing, modular power plants set, cables sizing and much more

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Generator sizing

Problems while sizing a generator? This calculator will find you the best Atlas Copco generator according to your application conditions.

Modular power plant

With the app you can simulate a Modular power plant according to your needs, using our efficient Power Management System (PMS).

Cable sizing

How many cables you need or its length? The app includes a calculator that will help you with this. Find the answer now!

HiLight sizing

In this module, you can calculate the number of light towers that you will need for an specific application and any condition.

Noise level

Find here more information about noise emissions of any of our generator range

Combined solutions

The app will also allow you to combine Atlas Copco products. How many HiLight E3+ can you connect to a portable generator? Find the answer here!