Powerful portable compressors for tough applications

5-24 m³/min (190-850 cfm) / 5-14 bar (75-200 psi)
Diesel driven Stage V compliant

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Has your mobile air compressor got PACE?

Change the pressure of your Atlas Copco mobile air compressor with the touch of a button. Thanks to PACE technology ("pressure adjusted through cognitive electronics) , one compressor can tackle multiple applications. And there are more advantages: such as additional flow at a lower pressure setting and fuel savings.



to cover multiple applications. Thanks to PACE technology, you can set the pressure in the controller, to match various applications.


Even our heaviest compressor is still under 3500kg, while it still delivers 24m³/min of air. The lightest even keeps its weight under 1300 kg, thanks to it's PE canopy. These lightweight compressors are all easy to move.


Service intervals. These reliable workhorses are as easy to service as they are to operate. With spin-on filters and long-life consumables ensure low service costs and high utilization.

Low fuel consumption

We combine an Atlas Copco screw element with the most efficient engines in the market. The result is a compressor range that is best-in-class in terms of fuel economy.

Intuitive digital controller

The Xc2003 controller makes it easy to operate your compressor. You can easily change the pressure, track your compressor's utilization and get notified of upcoming maintenance.

Stage V compliant

These compressors meet the most stringent emission norms in the world. The roll-out of Stage V is for us an opportunity for technological advancements. So your Stage V compressor is the cleanest on the market and it will also offer a better fuel efficiency and increased performances.

XATS 138 and XAHS 108 mobile air compressors

5-7 m³/min (190-240 cfm) / 7-12 bar (100-175 psi)

  • Flexibility with PACE technology
  • Durability thanks to the HardHat PE canopy
  • Easy to move single axle design
  • Fuel efficient engines

Technical data

    XATS 138 XAHS 108
Nominal effective working pressure bar (g) 7-10,3 7-12
  psi (g) 100-150 100-175
Free Air Delivery m³/min 7-5 5
  l/s 112-89 89
  cfm 237-189 188
Engine   Kubota V2403-CR-T-E5B

XAS 188-10 PACE, XAS 188-14 PACE, XAS 288-10 PACE, XAS 238-14 PACE

9,6-16,6 m³/min (340-590 cfm) / 5-14 bar (75-200 psi)

  • PACE technology: set the pressure and make one compressor tackle all your jobs
  • ECO-mode: cut your fuel consumption in half during idling times
  • HardHat PE canopy, corrosion-resistant and virtually indestructible
  • 6% better efficiency compared to conventional compressors
  • Robust design, with C3 certified corrosion-resistant canopy 
  • Easy to tow thanks to its single axle design 
  • Intuitive Xc2003 controller

Technical data

    XAS 188-10 PACE XAS 188-14 PACE XAS 288-10 PACE XAS 238-14 PACE
Nominal effective working pressure bar (g) 5-10,3 5-14 5-10,3 5-14
  psi (g) 75-150 75-200 75-150 75-200
Free Air Delivery m³/min 10,9-9,6 10,9-9,7 16,6-14,4 14,2-12,3
  l/s 182-160 182-162 277-240 237-206
  cfm 358-338 358-342 587-508 500-435
Engine   John Deere 1045HI551 John Deere 4045CA550

XAVS 378 and XAHS 408 portable compressors

19-24 m³/min (670-850 cfm) / 7-14 bar (100-200 psi)

  • 6% better efficiency compared to conventional compressors
  • ECO-mode - 50% fuel savings when your compressor is in idle mode
  • Robust design, with C3 certified corrosion-resistant canopy 
  • Weight below 3500kg, adjustable towbar that can be operated by one person

Technical data

    XAVS 378 XAHS 408
Nominal effective working pressure bar (g) 7-14 7-12
  psi (g) 100-200 100-175
Free Air Delivery m³/min 22-19 24-20,8
  l/s 367-317 400-347
  cfm 778-672 847-735
Engine   Cummins B6.7 Stage V

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