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Atlas Copco’s generator distributor in Waregem, Belgium, on the QAC TwinPower Stage V solution

Experiencing the Power

2021 Januari 5

Filip Maes, Fimatec CEO & Owner, shares his experience with the unique TwinPower Stage V solution. At Fimatec premises in Waregem, Belgium, Anja Wiehoff, West Europe Communications Manager at Atlas Copco, and Maes discuss the virtues of the QAC TwinPower generator range.

Fimatec, division of Machinery Resale, is a specialized company with 40 years of experience in providing customer-oriented solutions with top products. In 2017, Fimatec became an official distributor of Atlas Copco mobile compressors, generators and light towers.

From his first encounter with the TwinPower concept during a commercial fair in Antwerp to the recent QAC 1350 TwinPower virtual launch, Filip Maes firmly believes in the benefits it can bring to the industry. “This is not just a genset. This is a combination of two 675 kVA gensets within a single 20 feet box. This unit is very reliable. It is very flexible. It is exactly what we need in the market”, assures Fimatec CEO & Owner.

The TwinPower concept has grown into a series of powerful, silent, efficient and Stage V emission compliant solutions. The QAC 1350 TwinPower generator is the highest Stage V power density on a compact green package. The generator provides and environmentally friendly way to power operations, with nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions reduced up to 80%. And what is more, within the 20 feet container, the two generators ensure the flexibility needed to run at 100% power load or even low power loads in the most efficient way, depending on changing demands.