Paroil Extra

Synthetic engine oil

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For any extreme weather, Atlas Copco Parts & Service


Superb anti-wear and corrosion protection

Extremely high oxidation stability

Protection against the harmful effects of soot

Quality lubricant additives

Recommended for use in low-emission designs (Euro 4, 5, US 2007, Tier 4 ACEA E9).

Helps minimize downtime


Paroil Extra is an ultra-high-performance engine oil intended for the lubrication of all diesel engines as used in our compressors and generators. It meets stringent quality control specifications to ensure your equipment will run smoothly and reliably.

This premium synthetic lubricant, containing anti-wear additives, antioxidants, and corrosion inhibitors, provides excellent high-temperature viscosity retention for modern diesel engines. Low-temperature fluidity ensures good cold-start cranking and effective oil flow to critical components during engine start-up. Paroil Extra provides a very high level of protection to all parts of the engine. Overall engine cleanliness is improved under the most severe conditions.

Paroil Extra has been optimized for the newest low-emission categories of heavy-duty diesel engines and applications with particle filters.


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Paroil Extra is optimized for the latest low-emission engines running on low-sulphur diesel for lower oil and fuel consumption. API CJ-4 service category


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