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The new TBP from Atlas Copco is taking the market by storm

It’s not often that a tool is described by our customers as a “game-changer,” but that is proving to be the case with the new TBP transducerized battery pulse tool.

We have seen an extraordinary amount of positive feedback related to the TBP since it hit the market several months ago.

Our most recent installation of TBP tools involved 9 TBP’s running on two Power Focus 6000 controllers. We are able to run 9 tools on two tool controllers, using the new Virtual Station technology in the Power Focus 6000 controller.

The Virtual Station allows us to use the controller software to run a battery tool, even if the controller isn’t in the same station, as long as the tool and controller are connected to the same network.

Meet the TBP

This recent installation is also a strong example of the trend in the marketplace toward Industry 4.0. Reducing the amount of hardware installed and increasing the ability of installed tooling to communicate with other systems in the facility were critical decision-making factors. A flexible, high mobility, modular system was needed to address product mix, access points and ergo concerns. According to one manufacturing engineer in the plant, being able to stay future-proofed for any new manufacturing requirements or systems was also appreciated.

The TBP tool was at the heart of the installation. With many applications on the shop floor with ergonomic challenges, the TBP was a perfect fit for an optimal operator experience, while still providing the error-proofing and traceability of a standard assembly tool.

The TBP includes a hydraulic pulse unit, so high torque applications can now be run one-handed, with no torque reaction. This has always been possible with pneumatic pulse tools, but now we can connect the same technology to our Power Focus 6000 platform and achieve full productivity and quality.

For a demo or to learn more, contact Atlas Copco today. 

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