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Top 3 reasons to love ErgoPulse Impulse Tools

The best of the best.

Within segments that depend on continuous heavy production work, the ErgoPulse impulse tool line is more than ideal for quick, reliable, and reaction-free tightening on your assembly line.

Atlas Copco’s ErgoPulse range is built with a hydraulic pulse unit at the center of every pulse tool, which results in less reaction force transferred to the operator. Read on to understand the top three reasons our ErgoPulse pulse tool line is the best of the best.

Atlas Copco’s broad range

Whatever your pulse tool needs are, whether your production requires shut-off or non-shut off tooling, the ErgoPulse line has you covered. Atlas Copco’s broad range of pulse tools includes the 

These four tools are highly customizable, meaning that if you want the added benefit of a pistol grip, you can have that. If you’d rather use your pulse tool as lubricant-free, you can do that, too. Our range covers torque from 2-900 Nm and will always maintain a low reaction force.

As Atlas Copco expands the ErgoPulse range, feel confident knowing that you still have the best of the best, no matter the version you have.

Every Atlas Copco pulse tool is equipped to strengthen your line economically and ergonomically, by reducing production costs while avoiding the operator risks associated with heavy production.

Ideal ergonomics

The ErgoPulse range is safe. At Atlas Copco, we’re devoted to keeping operators on the assembly line happy and comfortable. These pulse tools are light and well balanced. The one-handed operation has never been more possible. With virtually no reaction force in the handle, the lower motor torque is transferred to the operator’s hand, reducing the risk of MSDs that can develop.

And finally, we’ve managed to create a pulse tool line with low noise and vibration levels that still maintains extremely high power. Operators can rely on comfort, safety, and power in the ErgoPulse pulse tool line.

More durability

Every pulse tool in the ErgoPulse range is highly durable and reliable. Each pulse tool has an exceedingly long service life, which is optimal for continuous heavy production. Compared to our competitors, our tools run longer on average before they need basic maintenance. You can count on these tools to last you for quite some time while remaining just as powerful as the day they were installed.

Due to the tools’ high speed, cycle times are shorter for hard to semi-soft joints, lessening wear and tear on your tool and the operator, all while extending the life of the tool itself.

Should an issue with one of the ErgoPulse tools arise, our expert consultants are ready to provide service solutions for repairing, calibrating, and maintaining your tool.

These consultants are dedicated to helping you optimize your investment, ensuring durable performance for the entirety of the tools’ lifetime. With in-depth startup, maintenance, and optimization solutions, Atlas Copco has you covered.

The ErgoPulse range has it all

The ErgoPulse impulse tool line is the best of the best pistol grip or straight grip. Shut-off or non-shut-off. Whatever pulse tool your assembly line production requires, we’ve got the perfect match. Each pulse tool is optimized to bring your operator the most ideal ergonomics, the broadest array of different options and durability that remains the same as the first day it was installed.

For more information on our ErgoPulse line, contact Atlas Copco and schedule a demo today.

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