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Wireless innovation for big bolts

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Flexibly innovative

Atlas Copco serves many industries where high-torque assembly is critical. Industries we serve include:

  • Off-road equipment manufacturing
  • Wind energy equipment production and maintenance
  • Oil and gas equipment production and maintenance
  • And many others

These customers have one thing in common – big bolts. This presents many challenges related to joint quality, accessibility, and productivity, among others. Quite often, assembly tools used in these segments present challenges to operators and lack sufficient traceability and error-proofing.

When selecting a tool for the job, the right mix of capabilities and ease of use must be considered to meet modern industry demands. Meet Atlas Copco’s newest answer to these challenges – the SRB HA.

The SRB HA (which stands for “high access”) builds on the success of the SRB platform and combines proven technology in a fully-transducerized pistol tool, allowing wireless freedom and a new level of intelligence in applications up to 4,000 Nm.

What’s new in the SRB HA?

While removing the typical restrictions associated with a cable, the SRB HA’s low-profile design allows maximum torque output in a small package. Its swiveling front end and a selection of compatible reaction devices provide easy accessibility within the workspace. The SRB HA’s revolutionary second trigger ensures that the operator’s hands are out of the way of pinch points and potential hazards. An all-new embedded HMI features a clean user interface and allows easy viewing of tightening results, events, and battery status.

A true innovator

Imagine all the benefits of an advanced wireless torque tool without the need for a traditional tool controller. This was once a dream but is now reality with the SRB HA. Simply pair the tool with any Wi-Fi enabled device (such as your smartphone) to make programming changes and download tightening results on demand. For our customers with tough applications, this means easy transformation to Industry 4.0 without having to purchase additional hardware, while reducing quality costs and ensuring correct assembly thanks to easy access to result data.

Full flexibility

The SRB HA can be paired with the Power Focus 6000 controller for complete connectivity. In addition, the tool can also be used as a standalone “set and go” tool when traceability is not required.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Atlas Copco today.