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Hydros Bolting - Automated subsea tensioner innovation

Take a look into a bolting concept which could change the way subsea bolt tensioning is handled.

Hydros bolting

hydros bolting subsea tensioner innovation

The Hydros concept delivers a quicker and much safer process to saturation diving, opposed to the difficult experience which the current method and standard solution in sub sea bolting today.

The core benefits are stem from the fact that a human would no longer need to be exposed to the hazards when deep sea diving to tighten any application underwater. The work was developed on a field trip which was conducted and sponsored by the company.

The end goal was to explore new ways of to develop bolting solutions for a series of different applications. The new solution would prove to be more flexible, in regards of time and function. With increased automation in place, this would eradicate a lot of the large costs included when tightening this difficult applications.

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