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Webinar and Live Q&A: The advantages of Walk the Line

Date: Wednesday, August 19th, 2020: 10:00 - 10:30 AM EST

Welcome to the Walk the Line webinar/question and answer hybrid. 

Presenting this webinar is Adam Bigelow, a Product Marketing Manager here at Atlas Copco. In this webinar hybrid, we’re discussing the Walk the Line program offered by Atlas Copco. Walk the Line gives our customers the chance to have an Atlas Copco representative come out to your assembly line and observe your processes. After notes are compiled and a plan is made with your local Sales representative, we present to you our findings and suggest solutions to optimize your assembly line. 

Adam explains in this webinar the phases and process of our Walk the Line program:  

  1. Qualification and preparation
  2. Walk the line
  3. Compile notes
  4. Make activity plans with customer’s Salesperson
  5. Present findings to customer
  6. Select and make priorities 

The webinar hybrid then goes on to explain the benefits that you receive as a customer when we walk your line. Adam lists budget planning for future expenses, safety (ergonomics) improvements, process improvements, and product demonstrations are all positives you can expect once we’ve walked your line. Adam finishes the webinar portion of the video to cover the things our customers should consider before having an Atlas Copco representative walk their line. What type of assembly line do you have? We support continuous moving lines, manual stop stations, automatic stop stations, sub-assembly lines, and repair lines. 

Halfway through the video, Adam begins a question and answer session. Watch now to find out what was asked and how he answered.  

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