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Webinar: Transformation from PF4000 to PF6000

Welcome to the ‘Transformation from the PF4000 to the PF6000’ webinar. 

This session is being led by Ben Hanawalt, Product Specialist Team Leader, and Brittany Middaugh, Product Specialist. In this webinar, Ben and Brittany are discussing the benefits, challenges, and changes involved in transitioning from the previous Power Focus 4000 (PF4000) controller to our latest and most advanced tightening controller, the Power Focus 6000 (PF6000). Ben begins the session with a brief background of the PF4000; it was released in the early 2000s and was the main controller option until 2015 when the PF6000 was introduced. As of July 2019, customers can no longer order the PF4000, which brings us to the subject of the webinar: How to transition to the PF6000.  

We then move into the current challenges that customers are facing as they switch controllers. As humans, when something is working well for us, it’s hard to imagine why we should try to change it up. Ben explains that the PF6000 of course covers the basics of its previous generation, but it also brings completely new and much-needed features to the table. With improved ergonomics, users can use advanced tightening strategies and remain comfortable and safe on the line. The PF6000 is smaller, with a 7” touch screen display and app-like menus. The PF6000 supports Industry 4.0 and guides users through this transition as well, with full traceability and complete data collection using software such as ToolsNet 8. Ben explains that he has yet to find a customer that was unhappy with the switch.

Following this, Ben and Brittany introduce a table that covers preventative questions and answers related to the transition in controllers. Specific customer questions regarding logic configurators, Fieldbus, Sync, etc. are answered by Ben, so be sure to watch the webinar in full. In the final part of the webinar, we discuss resources available to our customers to aid in the transition from the PF4000 to the PF6000. Atlas Copco USA’s YouTube page is full of Product Essential videos and trainings for the PF6000. Customers have access to the full library free of charge. We also have a dedicated Service team with comprehensive knowledge over Atlas Copco controllers, along with a Product Marketing team, of which Ben and Brittany are a part of, that are eager to guide your plant through the transformation. We can provide remote and in-person trainings and meetings.  

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