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Expert Live Q&A: Power Focus 6000

Welcome to the Power Focus 6000 question and answer session. 

Answering questions in this Q&A is Ben Hanawalt, a Product Specialist here at Atlas Copco. During the question and answer session with Ben, we’re going in-depth with the Power Focus 6000 (PF 6000), Atlas Copco’s newest and most advanced tightening controller. Ben starts the Q&A by introducing the PF 6000, detailing how it differs from our previous tightening controller, the Power Focus 4000 (PF 4000). The PF 6000 is lighter and smaller, can pair up to 6 tools within 12 different tool families, and has a 7’’ touch screen.

Ben then goes on to answer more questions from viewers about PF 6000’s Open Protocol abilities. Open Protocol can accomplish virtually the same thing as PLCs and is supported on all Power Focus and Atlas Copco systems. The Open Protocol Appendix is a great reference for understanding what is and isn’t supported on PF6000. For PF 6000 mounting plates, Ben explains that Atlas Copco has a conversion plate, meant to be used to convert the hole patterns of the PF 4000 to the PF 6000 mounting plate hole patterns. 

Other questions answered by Ben cover a handful of topics. Ben discusses the difference between the ‘Tightening Program’ option and the ‘Multi-Step Program’ option and demonstrates how to select different tightening strategies between the two. He also lists the six Field Bus types supported b¥ PF 6000 software and digs into reporting results for PF 6000, in which there are no tool limitations and multiple results can be reported simultaneously. 

Watch this video to find out more about what was asked and how Ben answered.

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