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Expert Live Q&A: Flexibility of the Power Focus Ecosystem

Welcome to the ‘Flexibility of the Power Focus Ecosystem’ Q&A session. 

This session is led by Rodney Hill, Atlas Copco’s Product Launch Manager. In this Q&A, we’re exploring the Power Focus Ecosystem and the impressive flexibility it offers to your plant. We begin the Q&A with a brief introduction to the Power Focus Ecosystem from Rodney. Atlas Copco discovered that the Power Focus 6000 (PF6000) system wasn’t very flexible or scalable; users who don’t need all the functionalities of PF6000 had no way to scale down to save cost. The Power Focus Ecosystem is our answer to this issue. Available on the software update 3.1 and higher, there are now five Virtual Station types. From high end to most basic, customers can now choose between these five types: Process, Critical, Station, Joint, and Batch. 

We also now have an FMS portable, which stands for a functionality management system that comes on a USB device. This device allows for simple changes and it manages your features. Users can have multiple FMS portables with one Power Focus controller as long as they have software version 3.1 or higher. On the subject of software version 3.1, this upgrade brought many major changes to the Power Focus system. Users can now have multiple license sources, five Virtual Station types, a Step Sync functionality, and more. If you want to upgrade to 3.1 but currently have a previous version, be sure to contact your local Atlas Copco representative. They can get you set up with the new software, and they can even make your previous software version act as a firmware backup. 

When asked how many licenses can be used on a Power Focus Ecosystem, Rodney explains that users can use up to six. They can also mix and match licenses to maximize value. With FMS portable, it is possible to move licenses to different controllers around your plant, though we recommend using ToolsTalk 2 (TT2) to simplify this process. On the subject of TT2, Rodney explains that it is a programming software that integrates to the Power Focus system. This software acts as a centralized way to program and manage your configurations, backups, restorations, and more. 

To find out what else was asked and how Rodney responded, be sure to watch this Q&A session in full! 

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