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Expert Live Q&A: QAS and STpad/STpalm

Welcome to the ‘QA Supervisor and STpad/STpalm’ question and answer session. 

Taking viewer questions in this session is Giuseppe Grimaldi, our Quality Assurance Product Manager. In this Q&A, we’re exploring the Atlas Copco QA Supervisor (QAS) software, along with the STpad and STpalm devices. These three products are all a part of our robust Quality Assurance Platform 4.0. We begin the Q&A with a brief explanation of QA Supervisor from Giuseppe, who says that it’s a quality assurance data management software. It collects quality data from connected devices. The STpad and STpalm are two data collection devices. The STpad is the size of a tablet, and the STpalm is more the size of a smartphone. For the STpad and STpalm, licenses to be able to do tool checks, visual checks, and more must be purchased separately. There are four licenses available for purchase for the STpad and the STpalm: Tool Check, Joint Check, Visual Check, and Dimensional Check. 

We then move into the subject of preinstalled software on the STpad and STpalm. Both devices do come with preinstalled software, though it is not the QA Supervisor software. When asked whether our old software, Torque Supervisor, can be used on the STpad or STpalm, Giuseppe explains that it cannot. Torque Supervisor is not compatible with the pad or the palm. The STpad and the STpalm can work together when connected to one QA Supervisor program. When asked what devices can connect to the STpad and the STpalm, Giuseppe explains that the IRC-Connect can, along with the STwrench when using the Bluetooth module. On both the STpad and the STpalm, there is an integrated 1-D/2-D barcode scanner. These data collection devices are rugged and able to withstand the industrial environment. They come with protected screens and have been tested to withstand 5’ falls to concrete. 

In the final part of the Q&A, Giuseppe returns to the subject of QA Supervisor. There is no limit on the number of users on QAS. It’s a web-based program, and they can even use it simultaneously. For updates, they are done through the user’s web browser. When asked if the STpad/STpalm can be used without QAS, Giuseppe explains that it can, but functionalities and abilities will be limited. Following a question about ToolsNet 8 compatibility with QAS, Giuseppe explains that the two software programs are in fact compatible. With the purchase of a Tool Check license, you can schedule tests based on recorded cycles collected by ToolsNet. We then move back into discussing the STpad/STpalm. Atlas Copco Tools and non-Atlas Copco tools can be calibrated by both devices using the Tool Check license. The STpad/STpalm themselves do not need to be calibrated, as these are solely managing systems. There is nothing to calibrate.  

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