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Expert Live Q&A: ToolsTalk 2

Date: Friday, October 16th, 2020: 10:00 - 10:30 AM EST

Welcome to the ToolsTalk 2 question and answer session. Answering questions from the audience is Jay Chaisuksiri, our ToolsTalk 2 Product Marketing Specialist at Atlas Copco. In this session, Jay takes viewer questions about ToolsTalk 2, Atlas Copco’s line management software. To begin the Q&A, Jay explains that ToolsTalk 2 is a client-server-based software geared to provide quick configuration, along with traceability and visibility, to your entire line structure. ToolsTalk 2 supports the following Atlas Copco controllers: Power Focus 6000PF6 FlexSystemPower Focus 4000, and the PowerMACS 4000

Jay then receives a question about the differences in the four software packages available for ToolsTalk 2. Customers can choose from Station Setup, Line Licenser, Line Configurator, and Line Manager. Jay explains that Line Manager is the option with the most value for customers. Following this question, Jay performs a live demo and shows how to export controllers. When a question is asked about assigning FMS licenses using ToolsTalk 2, Jay does another demo through the license portal and assigns the license through the ToolsTalk 2 server. 

An audience member asks about using ToolsTalk 2 on a laptop, and Jay explains that it’s possible but not recommended, as issues can occur. The best way to utilize ToolsTalk 2 is through a server. He then goes on to explain that ToolsTalk 2 and ToolsNet 8, another Atlas Copco software solution, can be run on the same server, using Atlas Copco Data Communication (ACDC), our smart hub. ToolsTalk 2 can be run in the cloud, and Jay recommends contacting your Atlas Copco representative for more information on that.

When a question is asked about finding all FieldBus variables for systems, Jay demos how he goes into the ‘FieldBus’ tab in ToolsTalk 2 and adds a new configuration to find the list of variables. Answering a question about ToolsTalk 2 Station Setup installation, it’s explained that you must have Windows 10, the 2016 version or later, and .Net Framework 4.8. We then go on to ToolsTalk 2 software updates/releases that occur throughout the year, and Jay explains that there are two major updates every year, and four minor updates per year. 

Watch the question and answer session in full to discover everything else that was asked and answered! 

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