BLM Torque Supervisor

The ideal program for handling tools, tightening and joint analysis


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Quality checks are better and faster with STa 6000
Color display: clear feedback on test result, custom measure screen
Ergonomics: easy to be carried along the line
Memory: 50000 results and high resolution traces
Full text notes for traceability
Calibration: Power Focus, Power MACS and PST automatic calibration
TT BLM: Wi-Fi connection, smart Excel database
Torque Supervisor full integration



BLM Torque supervisor

The software BLM Torque Supervisor is the ideal program for handling tools, tightening and joint analysis. It automatically keeps track of calibration due date schedules for power tools and torque wrenches, as well as supervising the complete tool stock within the factory. It manages and collects data from residual torque checks done on the assembly line as well as tool checks done at the tool crib, and supervises statistics for each tool and application. The software can be installed either on a single pc station or on multi factory stations in the factory network.

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