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Go Hybrid!

Wondering whether your next project might benefit from a hybrid power plant set-up for temporary power supply?

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Why would you select a hybrid power plant?

How much would you save?

What is a hybrid power plant?

What is the difference between a regular temporary power supply and a hybrid power plant?

When your temporary power demand is fluctuating, there are several solutions to provide the required power onsite. Over time, new developments allow for more sustainable solutions. Discover how a hybrid power plant works and how energy storage is the next step for better fuel efficiency, less emissions, less noise and much more benefits!

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The 5 challenges to select the best temporary power plant for your needs: a free guide

Why we care about sustainable solutions for you

Enabling the transition to a low-carbon economy

We are innovating for a sustainable future and we are now launching ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions. Our targets correspond to the 2015 Paris agreement and are validated and approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. Meeting the targets will drastically reduce our absolute CO2 emissions, with the aim of slowing down and preventing impacts of climate change.
By constantly innovating to reduce the climate impact of our products and solutions, we are also supporting our customers' own sustainability ambitions.

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