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Optimal energy efficiency

Energy efficiency through innovative sustainable technologies. We deliver energy efficient optimized compressed air and vacuum installations

Reliable Global Service Network

Designed to deliver consistent performance and optimize uptime. To keep a check on every aspect of your glass production process, our service network ensures proactive control and monitoring, as well as an aftermarket support that suits your needs

Optimal cost of ownership

Superior reliability and reduced production costs while protecting the quality and integrity of your product. We deliver the best value with very clear advantages

GHS VSD⁺ for the Glass industry

Glass bottles and jars are manufactured by high speed Individual Section (IS) machines where a glob of melted glass is dropped in a mold, compressed air blows the glob to the shape given by the mold and the bottle is removed. The forming can be in two steps, a first step when the glob is blown (or punched) to a preliminary blank shape called parison and a second step where the parison is blown in a mold to give final size and shape.
Bottling - Commercial image
Molds are divided in two halves that are closed to host the parison, then rapidly evacuated to facilitate air blow. This all happens in continuous cycle by equalization of the mold volume with a Vacuum network through very small holes in the mold (0.4 mm) and paths machined in the casting. Molds are lubricated and small quantities of oil is pulled into vacuum line at each cycle. Vacuum level in the main vacuum line is maintained between 150 and 300 mbar depending on manufacturer and type of product. Each production line is made by the so called IS machine that can be of different sizes from 6 to 12 individual sections synchronized to produce between 2000 to 8000 pieces per hour. The vacuum requirement of each section of forming machine varies significantly from type of machine and type of product between 100 and 250 m3/h flow, hence a standard IS machine may require from 600 to 1500 m3/h. But very large ones can require up to 4000 m3/h each IS machine. Synchronization of each section results in almost constant flow demand at vacuum pump. GHS VSD⁺ is perfectly suited for this application. With it’s industry leading oil lubricated screw technology and VSD control can potentially save 50%* or more in energy costs if compared with traditional installations.

With a complete range from 350 up to 5400 m3/h, GHS VSD⁺ delivers best value with very clear advantages:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Designed for centralized system
  • Elektronikon MK5 Graphic monitoring system
  • Easy maintenance : pumps can be repaired onsite and be serviced with the compressors
  • High reliability
  • Clean working environment: best in class in oil retention
  • Low noise level
  • Installation Plug & play
*In most applications compared to traditional fixed speed vacuum technologies based on measurement with our Vbox energy audit tool.

Our Vacuum Solutions for Glass Bottle Manufacturing

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