Stainless steel LZB

Four motor sizes are available in stainless steel versions. These come in different gears to match demanding applications.


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Stainless Steel LZB

For applications that expose the air motor for high moisture/water, corrosive substances or are in the need for regular cleaning and should be without dirt pockets – LZB in Stainless Steel is the right choice.
Here the complete housing as well as the outgoing shaft and gear rim are made in Stainless Steel.

In the Stainless Steel range you can chose between clockwise rotation and reversible. All shafts are keyed as standard.
The following versions are available:

For complete detailed technical information on the products, please download our Air Motor Catalog here below.

In addition to the motors we offer several options such as stainless steel motor cell when there is a risk for water in the compressed air and mounting flanges that makes the installation easier / faster / more flexible. We have vane kits for all models both for operations without lubrication (oil free air) and vane kits that needs lubrication. What to choose depends on the application, here the vanes can be changed if the application/requirements do change. Also various silencers can be ordered together with the motor to reduce the noise level.

Note there are also a large range of Standard LZB, as well as motors with built in Brake, please see the respective chapter to learn more.

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