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La Molisana Success Story

Customer: La Molisana
Region: Italy
Sector: Food Production and Packaging
Benefit: 50% savings in energy

La Molisana is one of the oldest pasta makers in Italy today, over a century old. Founded in 1912 in Campobasso, Italy, La Molisana currently produces over 40,000 packets of pasta each day.


Image showing pasta production in a manufacturing factory
Vacuum is essential to the production of dried pasta: it is needed to extract the air from the pasta. In addition it extends the shelf life and improves the color and smell of the pasta. The vacuum level has a direct effect on the quality of La Molisana’s pasta products. To ensure that the finished product is excellent, La Molisana selects raw materials that are of excellent quality too – and they look for the same quality in their suppliers.
Image showing Mr. Flavio Ferro, La Molisana Plant Director

The guaranteed quality that Atlas Copco offers is very important to us

Mr. Flavio Ferro ,
La Molisana Plant Director


Atlas Copco suggested using the GHS VSD⁺ oil injected screw vacuum pump. It is fitted with a variable speed drive and our Elektronikon controller. The pump varies its speed based on the demand coming from the process, resulting in significant energy savings. The screw design is based on the well-known plug and play principle of Atlas Copco compressors. The design has been optimised by vacuum pump design engineers to deliver peak performance and maximum energy efficiency. The highly efficient oil sealed rotary screw has a very robust design. This means it has a signifcantly longer element life than traditional rotary vane or dry vane pumps.


The GHS VSD⁺ vacuum pump delivered energy savings of up to 50% compared to the old installation. In addition the GHS VSD⁺ is a very quiet pump. This specific technology combined with the noise reducing canopy leads to a pump that is 40% more silent than other pumps. Atlas Copco and La Molisana share the same commitment to quality. The GHS VSD⁺ is a perfect example of the Atlas Copco reputation for energy savings, sustainability and respect for the environment. La Molisana don’t just need vacuum to make their pasta. They also need compressed air, for packing the pasta. That is why they also have Atlas Copco’s oil-free Z-range air compressors.

Know why La Molisana prefers Atlas Copco's GHS VSD⁺ Vacuum Solution

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