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Oil-free screw blower ZS (VSD⁺)

Energy efficient screw blower solutions up to 1.5 bar(g)/ 22 psig

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What makes our ZS VSD⁺ screw blowers so efficient? Have a look beneath the canopy to find out.


What is a rotary screw blower?

Screw compressors delivering compressed air below 1.5 bar(g) are referred to as (rotary) screw blowers. The working principles of a screw blower are thus identical to those of a rotary screw compressor. Rotary screw blowers are used in a variety of low pressure applications (wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, fermentation,…). Our screw blower units are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified to protect your critical processes and products. 

What are the advantages of screw technology? 

Oil-free screw element

Energy costs can add up to 80% of the lifecycle cost of a blower. Screw blowers are type of positive displacement blowers. The internal compression process of a screw blower results in significantly lower energy consumption as a very limited amount of energy is transferred to heat. That is why screw blowers are an energy-efficient alternative to the classic rotary lobe blower solutions. On average, you can save up to 35-40% compared to lobe or roots style technology by opting for a highly efficient screw blower. The higher the pressure required by your application, the higher the potential savings and the lower your total cost of ownership. 

Screw technology is the ideal technology for a variable speed configuration as the air compression energy efficiency level is rather constant at different operating points. Besides that, a very wide window of speeds can be obtained.

Our ZS screw blowers

Opting for an energy-efficient solution such as our ZS screw blower results in a payback of your investment over time. A seemingly small design change can help you maximize your energy savings and the uptime of your production process. Through constant innovation and research, we can offer you an energy-efficient and reliable range of screw blower solutions up to 1.5 bar(g)/ 22 psig. 

Compact and easy to install

Our ZS screw blower is a small and compact blower that can be installed anywhere, even side-by-side. The small blower units are easy to maintain and will fit perfectly into your existing blower room. They can also be placed outside in the toughest environments, allowing an ambient temperature up to 50°C/120°F. There are forklift slots foreseen at the front of the unit. Interfaces for air outlet and (ducted) air inlet are located at the backside whilst powers cables can enter from the rooftop. Some units, such as our ZS VSD⁺ units, allow side-by-side installation. The operation is done from the front (or remotely), while periodic maintenance is done from the front and backside.

Plug & play package to avoid unsuspected costs

We want to make your life easier. By offering you a complete screw blower unit where all components necessary for operation are already integrated into the design. This not only helps you to avoid extra, unforeseen costs. It also ensures that all components are aligned for operation, making sure you can integrate your unit into your production process right away.

Monitoring & control

The Elektronikon® unit controller is specially designed to maximize the performance of your blowers under a variety of conditions. Key benefits are increased energy efficiency by lowering energy consumption, reduced maintenance time and increased productivity. The SMARTLINK service helps you monitor your features from a distance via mobile or the internet. This helps you to minimize on-site supervision time. 

Technical specifications

FAD-kapasitet l/s

64 l/s - 2 528 l/s


230 m³/h - 9 100 m³/h


0,3 bar(e) - 1,5 bar(e)

Installert motoreffekt

18 kW - 355 kW

What is the difference between our screw blower models?

Each screw blower model is meant to fit a specific flow rate and pressure demand.  

We offer you both fixed speed and variable speed models. Our fixed speed models are designed for processes that require constant airflow delivery. Our variable speed drive units are suited for processes that require a variable airflow delivery. On top of that, we can also offer you premium VSD units, our ZS VSD⁺ units, that help you save even more on energy and total lifecycle costs.

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Customer stories

Northumbrian Water_customer story_ZS_WWT

Northumbrian Water velger energieffektiv ZS skrueblåserteknologi

Northumbrian Water, en ledende leverandør av tjenester innen vann og avløp i det nordøstlige England, har valgt skrueblåserteknologi fra Atlas Copco til å bidra til å redusere energiforbruket og minimere vedlikeholdskostnadene ved sitt kloakkrenseanlegg i Newton Aycliffe i County Durham.

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