Creating a strong, reliable joint with Atlas Copco self-pierce riveting.
You need to know that your self-pierced rivets are correctly inserted. You can visually inspect the rivet head which should indicate that you have a sound joint, although this is only part of the story.


Based on the application's characteristics, we can determine which rivet is right for your manufacturing process.


We know the exact force that our self-piercing rivet setters use when inserting a rivet.


Our controllers monitor process performance during production.

Customers recognize high quality.
We are proud that our New Hudson, MI, USA production facility has been awarded the Ford Q1 certification in 2017 to join our Deeside, UK production plant who received it in 2006 while working with Jaguar Land Rover, then owned by Ford. In 2018, Daimler truck honored us with a Masters of Quality award, and General Motors awarded us with Supplier Quality Excellence.