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Easy line adjustment

The Tensor IxB platform is quick to install, easy to rebalance, and simple to maintain

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Eliminate complexity and stay flexible

The Tensor IxB tool gives you complete process control of the station with real-time integration to your production system. The integrated controller makes new product introduction faster and line rebalancing easier. 



Faster installation

The Tensor IxB tools can be integrated directly into your production system, avoiding unnecessary hardware. Simplify the installation of new stations by reducing the need for adding cables, IP addresses and mounting physical controller boxes.



Rebalance made easy

Production line rebalance should not be resource heavy or demand work outside of production hours. Reduce the time spent on configuration, installation and physical set-up and move from station to station with ease.



Tensor IxB tools reduces set-up and rebalancing time

This is all possible thanks to the integrated controller, which can autonomously control accessories, manage tightening programs, receive and communicate live data with the production system. 

Process control of the station

Production system integration

Buffer result data

The powerful integrated controller of the IxB platform is revolutionizing the assembly process.

Integrated controller

The powerful integrated controller gives you complete process control of the station with real-time integration to your production system. For example, setup tools with scanners, positioning tags, wireless socket selector, advanced tightening programs and batch sequences, all managed by the integrated controller.

IAM card Tensor IxB

IAM card

A virtual copy of the integrated controller settings and the data backup are then kept in the IAM card. The IAM card makes it easier to perform service and maintenance, as-well-as replace tools in the station in one step – insert the IAM card into another tool and you are good to go.

Learn more about the Tensor IxB tools

The Tensor IxB tool family is ready to be integrated directly into your production system, fully managed by the integrated controller without the need for any intermediate controller box. Reducing the hardware footprint on the line and enabling a transformation towards the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

Tensor ITB
The Tensor ITB is a true productive cordless nutrunnervwith integrated controller, covering torques up to 200Nm. Ergonomic and specifically designed for cramped area applications. controller box.
Tensor ITB
Tensor ICB
Tensor ICB  has a FULLY rotatable trigger. It can be adjusted, or locked, if needed, in any of its 20 positions.
Tensor ICB

Improve your assembly process

The Tensor IxB platform will revolutionize industrial manufacturing and contribute to the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. Tensor IxB is a collection of tools that improve quality, profitability, and make production more efficient. The Tensor IxB tools are engineered to overcome modern production issues, enabling improved processes and support in achieving production goals.

We are here to help

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Tensor IxB

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