SmartQIC Safety Coupling
SMARTQIC-08E-M10 productfoto
The SmartQIC coupling is a one-hand operation coupling with high air flow performance. It is suitable for many types of applications and pneumatic tools; such as screwdrivers, assembly tools, drills and grinders. The coupling is strong and durable and is made of zinc-plated steel/brass. Designed with a unique safety venting feature the couplings vent the air before it is able to fully disconnect, thus minimizing risk of damage to the operator.
Land van herkomst is SE. Douanetarief is 84818099

Technische specificaties

Dimension & weight
Size Thread
3/8 BSPT
SMARTQIC-08E-M10 productfoto


4221 0010 04


High reliability with low pressure drop
Minimizes hose whip
Minimizes injuries to operator
Increased lifetime
Reduced noise level


High flow coupling
Safety function with vented connection
Ergonomic with no-leakage design
High durability and easy handling
Low connection force
Safety feature according to EN 983/ISO 4414