Tool Balancer, WP
WP-05-3-A productfoto
Weightless positioning balancers allow a payload to be hung overhead. They provide the ability to reposition the payload by utilizing a retractable cable. The balancer can be setup as a retractor or maintain a constant position, allowing the operator to reposition the load as needed. Housing material: WP 05/10 plastic, WP 20 aluminum, WP 30/40 abrasion resistant aluminum.
Land van herkomst is DE. Douanetarief is 84289090

Technische specificaties

Certifications, standards & directives
EU Directives
EU Standard
EN ISO 12100
UK Standard
EN ISO 12100
UK Regulations
S.I. 2008/1597


Holds a payload in a constant position.
Reduces operator fatigue.


Steel cable with cable stop buffer.
Safety chain
Quick and easy cable replacement
Extended cable lengths available