Straight Electric PRO Screwdriver S8
S8020 productfoto
The Straight Cable PRO Screwdriver S8 series offers a wide variety of screwdrivers that give great speed and high precision. Built with an ergonomic design, the low torque screwdriver S8 offers a plug & play solution for your assembly needs. The S8 series is designed to deliver great quality and increase efficiency.
Land van herkomst is TW. Douanetarief is 84672985

Technische specificaties

Battery information
Motor voltage
30 V
Torque range max
19.6 cNm
Torque range min
2.9 cNm


Ergonomic design for easy operator handling
Built to last
Providing long service intervals
Simple start-up process


Industrial design
High durability
Brushless motor
Plug & play