Torque Arm, SMF
Drehmomentarm SMF-25 productfoto
The SMF torque arms are labor-saving extensions of the Atlas Copco handheld tools. They are made of aluminum and are suitable for straight and pistol as¬sembly tools. The parallel torque arm has a foldable and space-saving design that eliminates the weight and torque of the tool, thus improving operator ergono¬mics, providing accurate tightening and contributing to increased productivity.
Land van herkomst is RS. Douanetarief is 84289090

Technische specificaties

Max torque
25 Nm
Dimension & weight
Horizontal stroke
300 mm
Max reach without tool holder
710 mm
Tool weight max
2 kg
Vertical stroke
300 mm
4 kg
Drehmomentarm SMF-25 productfoto

Drehmomentarm SMF-25

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Absorbs torque reaction
Improves operator ergonomics
Reduces operator fatigue


Collapsible design for small workspaces
Vertical/horizontal tightening orientations
Supports mass of tool
Tabletop or wall mounting