Angle Nutrunner LTV
LTV19 R20-10-125 productfoto
The Angle Nutrunner LTV range from Atlas Copco successfully combines two key performance factors – speed and accuracy. Consistently accurate, high-speed tightening complemented by advanced ergonomic design the nutrunner ensures an unmatched level of productivity. Its lightweight design, durable long-life grip and low reaction force make it exceptionally easy to work with.
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Technische specificaties

Max torque at 6.3 bar soft joint
20 Nm
Torque range max
20 Nm
Min torque at 6.3 bar soft joint
9 Nm
Torque range min
9 Nm
Noise & vibrations
Sound standard
Vibration standard
Vibration value
<2.5 m/s²
Sound power
89 dB(A)
LTV19 R20-10-125 productfoto

LTV19 R20-10-125

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Good accessibility in cramped spaces
Consistently high accuracy
Highest reliability
Comfortable to operate due to low weight


Designed for high speed and small dimensions
High torque accuracy
Powerful motor
Spiral cut angle gears
Easy to reverse