Pneumatic Straight Die Grinder LSF12
LSF12 S200-1 productfoto
The Die Grinder LSF12 is a good choice when you need maximum control in cramped spaces. Although small in size, the Straight Pneumatic Die Grinder LSF12 is a high-quality tool with a compact, ergonomic design for operator comfort. The series comes with a speed governor to maximize grinding productivity when using carbide burrs and mounted points.
Land van herkomst is HU. Douanetarief is 84671110

Technische specificaties

Certifications, standards & directives
EU Directives
EU Standard
ISO 11148-9
EAC certified
Noise & vibrations
Vibration standard
Vibration uncertainty
1.9 m/s²
Vibration value
3.1 m/s²
Sound uncertainty
3 dB(A)
Sound standard


High productivity
Optimal process speed
Good operator comfort
Ease of operation and control
Low noise levels


Outstanding power-to-weight ratio
Small and compact
Integrated speed governor
Lubrication free air motor
Thermally insulated handle
Lever with feathering characteristics