Pneumatic Chipping Hammer PRO P25 Series
The Pneumatic Chipping Hammer PRO 25-Series is powerful and durable. With a comfortable grip and controllable impact, pistol grip chipping hammers are well suited for chipping, cutting, shearing and punching applications. The Chipping Hammer can easily be adapted for riveting by mounting the rivet snap accessories. The result is that fewer tools are needed and there is greater flexibility in the workplace.
Land van herkomst is JP. Douanetarief is 84671900

Technische specificaties

Noise & vibrations
Sound power
107 dB(A)
Sound uncertainty
3 dB(A)
Vibration uncertainty
4.7 m/s²
Sound standard
Vibration value
11.5 m/s²
Vibration standard
Certifications, standards & directives
EU Standard
ISO 11148-4
EU Directives
EAC certified


User friendly operation
Lightweight and compact
Maximum productivity
Easily adjusted for riveting


High power-to-weight ratio
Robust steel housing for rough handling
Comfortable grip and controllable impact
Rivet snap accessories available
Coming in Pistol and D Handles
Available in Hex or R Bushing Types