Stage V for diesel dewatering pumps

Starting from 2019, Stage V emission regulation will be rolled out in Europe. This will have an impact on all diesel dewatering pumps. Atlas Copco is gradually updating all diesel pumps offered in Europe to be compatible with Stage V.

Introducing Stage V in dewatering pumps

Atlas Copco is commited to develop efficient and environmentally friendly products that are small and light enough to make them easy to transport, wherever they are needed. That’s why Atlas Copco dewatering products are found across industrial sectors, including construction, general dewatering, well-point applications and flood relief. The knowledge gained during many decades of experience of research and development and product introduction underpins what is a broad centrifugal and piston pump range, supported by diesel engines from many of the world’s leading suppliers. The PAS centrifugal dry-prime pumps, for instance, have emerged as the chosen solution for construction, general dewatering, drainage and emergency applications, thanks to their dry-prime capabilities of high efficiency and instantaneous pumping from the moment the switch is turned on.

Dewatering surface pump PAS 150

Dewatering surface PAS pump at quarry application

As with many of the other dewatering ranges, the impact of Stage V on the PAS range depends on power categorisation of the engine. Medium-flow products currently use Stage 3A diesel engines, while many of the high-flow products with up to 160 kW maximum engine output already feature Stage 4 models. The route to Stage V compliance is therefore more technically complex within the medium-flow product range. New product ranges – up to 400 kW maximum output – will come with Stage V engines as standard. As a result, Atlas Copco has been leading discussions with the engine makers to ensure the optimal integration of new engines into the dewatering range. This is resulting in valuable opportunities for technology insertion, as engineers optimise power nodes to maximise performance and reliability. The impellers and casings, for instance, are being refined to ensure that new Stage V engines can provide the required RPM, regardless of the condition of the water being pumped. This optimisation process – effectively squeezing out every extra percentage point of performance – will result in Stage V products with higher efficiency and better through-life performance. There are also opportunities in terms of size and weight. New Stage V-ready engines and associated equipment will offer the chance to apply stronger and lighter materials that can be packaged in innovative ways. This will ensure that customers continue to benefit from space-saving and flexible design. The implementation of Stage V also represents an opportunity to look at how digitalisation can continue to improve the performance of dewatering products. In the last few years, there has been a growing demand from end users for intelligent digital solutions capable of providing accurate and timely information on pump performance. As a result, Atlas Copco has developed the FleetLink telematics system, which is designed to optimise fleet usage, reduce maintenance costs and ultimately save time and money. FleetLink enables customers to remotely communicate with their pumps 24/7, using state-of-the-art digital monitoring tools such as geo-fencing, remote function lock-out and automatic reporting. The development of new Stage V-ready products presents an opportunity to introduce smaller and more powerful sensors, with faster data connection, allowing customers to gain even greater insight into pump performance, wherever they might be. The overall message to customers is simple: Stage V will result in the development of next-generation pumps that are more compact, versatile, durable and efficient than ever before. And in combination with the latest rapidly advancing digital monitoring software, it will offer Atlas Copco pump users a best-in-class performance over the full lifetime of the products.

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Stage V for diesel dewatering pumps

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