Cell-to-cell bonding

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Challenges in cell-to-cell bonding

To supply the required energy, prismatic battery cells must be firmly attached to cell stacks. This is a major challenge, because the cells are quite delicate. No heat or force can be applied in the joining process. At the same time, the joint must meet the highest demands in terms of rigidity and crash behavior. Atlas Copcos offer 1C and 2C dispensing solutions that are highly precise and reliable to avoid air pockets. This is crucial for full contact and insulation. In case of a crash, air pockets can lead to short circuits – a huge safety issue in high voltage systems.

Fast and precise application

Solutions for 1C and 2C applications

No air pockets

Full contact and full insulation

Increased productivity

1C applications

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2C applications

By using 2C adhesive bonding, no external heat is required for the hardening, and theThis also allows the cells to expand slightly while charging and discharging.