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Body-in-white and cab-in-white vehicle applications require a sturdy, quality joint to hold the vehicle components together to endure rough road conditions, crashes and weather conditions. With aluminum replacing steel in many of these applications with the newer lightweighting initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, welding is not the optimal joining method. This is where self-pierce riveting takes over with creating a solid, quality joint. This is also a clean joining method that does not produce fumes, sparks or spatter which is good for the health and safety of employees, as well as for the environment.

Increase productivity

Our fully automated self-pierce riveting systems reduce cycle times and increase uptime

Repeatable high quality

Our rivets and rivet setting systems result in consistant, repeatable quality joints

Good for health and the environment

No welding means no heat, smoke, sparks and spatter, better for employees, better for the environment