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Fixtured current controlled screwdriver

Smart, connected and efficient.

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Here are the hard facts:

It's smart

Get full process control, improved quality and an optimized tightening process with MT Focus 6000. The compact system reveals and eliminates tightening issues such as floating screws, stripped joints or insufficient torques. Further, it assures detection of process abnormalities, providing invaluable information not only about the fastening itself, but about the complete assembling process.

It's connected

Reduce down time and set up time, assure full traceability and integrate with any system using one of the many communication ports. Get complete access from anywhere and react instantly to any tightening process abnormality. Connect bar code scanner and RFID reader directly with the controller to assure traceability, control operators’ access level and add rejection management. All this, only using MTF6000.

It's efficient

It has never been easier to combine productivity with flexibility. MTF6000 minimizes and eliminates set up time, helps you to reduce cycle time keeping high quality, allows you to customize your strategy for any type of screwed joint and combine multiple strategies for your product, sometimes eliminating the PLC. It is all you need to keep the maximum productivity with maximum flexibility.

Cost reducing

Reduce your costs utilizing the full functionality of MicroTorque QMC system. Advanced tightening strategies will minimize your scrap and rework costs. Extensive data reporting will store your results, and data utilization will drive your process improvements. And graph analysis will guide your decision making with accurate and detailed real time information.

Automation friendly

MicroTorque QMC series is an innovative and revolutionary fixtured solution in the MicroTorque family. The compact design brings a powerful solution full of features to a lightweight tool – making it optimal for automation. It is easy to install on any robot or torque arm and the many communication ports allow communication with, and integration in, any production process.

Error proofing

Bring complete error proofing to your process with the MicroTorque QMC system. Utilize the angle monitoring and control, to customize the tightening strategy according to your needs, detecting wrong screws, missing components
and misaligned screws. With a superior torque accuracy, MicroTorque QMC system delivers perfect tightenings time after time. Combined with error proofing possibilities such as bit slip detection, damaged thread detection, torque and angle limits or automatic workflow sequences, it gives you complete control of your assembly process.

You can also watch our MicroTorque solutions in action!

Make your process error proof with batch sequence

Get workflow control, eliminate your tightening errors and assure your quality using the batch sequence.

Our MicroTorque handheld solution


Maximize quality and productivity with the most advanced tightening strategy available

With Torque Seating Monitoring MTF6000 will assure high torque accuracy, secure clamping torque and eliminate your tightening errors.

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Get full connectivity and control through remote programming

With remote programming you can access the controller from anywhere, giving you full control of any controller any time.

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Improve your traceability, process control and reduce your costs with MTF6000 and ToolsNet8

The combination of MTF6000 and ToolsNet8 will empower your transition for Industry 4.0. This is one of the most powerful solution for full transparency and will boost your continuous improvements.

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