Pneumatic Drill – Tappers (LGB)
LGB34 H007Q productfoto
The Pneumatic Tapper LGB from Atlas Copco is of the highest quality built, to deliver consistent reliability and performance in a broad range of applications while their advanced ergonomics provides higher quality, while making the job easier. Designed for tapping and thread-cleaning operations,which are fitted with a tap chuck as standard.
Land van herkomst is HU. Douanetarief is 84671110

Technische specificaties

Certifications, standards & directives
EAC certified
EU Directives
EU Standard
ISO 11148-3
Free speed reverse
1400 r/min
Free speed forward
700 r/min
LGB34 H007Q productfoto

LGB34 H007Q

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Higher productivity
Lower cost
Low noise level


Lubrication free motor
Quick change system
Ergonomic handle design
Use various tap holders with the same tool