Pneumatic Straight Die Grinder PRO G2427
G2427-S120 productfoto
These Die grinders are a popular choice for surface preparation in the general industry. The Straight Pneumatic Die Grinder 2427 is are robust tools designed to keep running under extreme conditions. The all steel body protects the inner parts from wear & tear, which results in less unplanned break downs. Equipped with a speed governor to keep the optimum process speed at all times, it is our best option when you are looking for a high productivity solution in your heavy-duty applications, where uptime is a must. The G2427 comes with an extended length to reach confined spaces.
Land van herkomst is HU. Douanetarief is 84671110

Technische specificaties

Max free speed
12000 r/min
Noise & vibrations
Vibration standard
Vibration uncertainty
1.2 m/s²
Vibration value
5.8 m/s²
Sound standard


Withstand the toughest working conditions
Optimal process speed and high productivity
Excellent operator comfort and safety
Low vibration


All steel body with enhanced grip areas
Equipped with speed governor
Powerful and efficient vane motor
Safety trigger