Atlas Copco Rental nitrogen for testing and purging of a 636 km pipeline

Antwerp, Belgium, October 21, 2015 – A few months back CNS (Continuous Nitrogen Services Arabia Ltd) was awarded the job to start with the testing and purging of a newly built gas pipeline. For this large project CNS asked us to partner up.

21 oktober 2015

The new GAS pipeline will run through Saudi Arabia from the Abqaiq oil-processing facility to Shaybah. Shaybah was developed for the purposes of exploiting the Shaybah oilfield, and is now adding a NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) facility, which is currently under construction. Abqaiq is a Saudi Aramco oil-processing facility located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia which chief purpose is to remove hydrogen sulfide from crude oil and reduce the vapor pressure, making the crude safe to be shipped in tankers. Abqaiq is the world's largest facility for this stabilization.

The pipeline project was awarded to Continuous Nitrogen Services Arabia Ltd (CNS) in December 2014, but due to postponements only started in March 2015. As we had already made an agreement and had an order confirmation from CNS in 2014, we started renting out our equipment based on availability from March 2015 onwards.

We were able to win this deal mostly thanks to our constant follow up visits with the customer, our total solution concept and 24/7 services, but also because of the numerous nitrogen jobs references in which we played a vital role.

Ahmad Dassa , Responsible sales engineer

The first units sent to the customer were [1] NGU 2000, [2] XRVS 1000, [1] Twin Air, [1] booster and all related accessories. About a month later, we sent another NGU 2000 with [2] XRVS1000, [2] PNS1250 and accessories. By early April, CNS was also awarded with the cleaning of the pipeline.

Thanks to our close relationship with CNS, they asked us to supply them with the needed [12] XAS 1600 compressors. At the end of July, they needed more flow and exchanged one of the NGU 2000 for a NGU 3000, together with [4] more PNS 1250. In addition, the customer requested [4] XRV 1000 to do some extra testing jobs on the pipeline.

During this project, we had and still have a lot of meetings with the customer, we are on the same line and we can make sure that all their requests are met ... To solve the technical issues and ensure all the units are at full performance we have to travel the entire length of the pipeline for checks, and we have sent 2 operators to the customer who work 24/7 to follow up the status of the units.

Ahmad Dassa

The project lasted for 6 months and ended in August 2015.

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