Milling equipment

Milling equipment

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Quick-Exchange System

With a wide side cover on the milling chamber, the side-mounted milling drums on all Dynapac compact planers can be quickly and easily exchanged. Fine milling drums, as well as a cutting wheel, are available for varied applications.

Work around the clock

All compact planers have working lights and a backlit panel for night work as standard, meaning you can easily work during night when there’s less traffic.

Intelligent side plates

Compact planers with a mechanically propelled milling drum feature the newly developed seal on the left side plate. The seal is positioned tightly against the milling chamber and effectively closes the opening for the drive within the side plate with a mechanicallyoperated restraint, at every milling depth.

Milling equipment

Cold planers are designed to remove asphalt and concrete pavement in layers by a rotating milling drum.

Industrial Design by Pankonin & Sandham GbR /
Compact planers
  • Compact planers are ideal for narrow jobsite areas where asphalt or concrete surfaces need to be milled. Because traffic is increasing on aging roads, cold planers play a vital role in the upkeep of infrastructure while also helping to reclaim material for reuse. Dynapac Cold planers are designed to deliver maximum productivity in varying jobsite and operating conditions.