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The future of on-site oxygen generation

OGP oxygen generators

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The future of on-site oxygen generation

Have you considered moving from purchasing oxygen (O2) to producing your own? In most cases, on-site generation is the superior solution. Now, with the introduction of its new OGP+ oxygen generator, Atlas Copco has made the decision to switch even easier.

The OGP+ offers unprecedented benefits, innovative features and a double-digit reduction in the total cost per unit of O2.

On-site generation versus purchasing gas

The OGP+ takes the advantages of on-site oxygen generation to a completely new level:

1. Lower costs: An on-site generator offers a lower cost per cubic meter of oxygen.

The OGP+edge: The OGP
+ amplifies this advantage. It is 30% more efficient at full load than a traditional generator and, thanks to its innovative Variable Cycle Saver technology, offers up to 70% in additional energy savings when oxygen demand is low.

2. Oxygen purity: Purchased O2 comes with a purity that is overspecified for most applications. An on-site generator can achieve this high purity more cost-efficiently, but it also offers additional savings. Because generating oxygen of the highest purity uses more energy, the ability of on-site generators to set the correct purity for your application will significantly reduce your operational costs.

The OGP+edge: Making on-site oxygen generation even easier, the OGP+ lets you choose and set the required purity with the push of a button. In addition, thanks to its automated feed air and oxygen monitoring and interception, the OGP+ safeguards the quality of its performance and output.

3. Space: Instead of needing space to store oxygen cylinders or install a large liquid oxygen tank, on-site generators take up very little room in production facilities.

The OGP+ edge: Because of its intelligent design, aluminum extrusions and best-in-class usage of zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) material, the OGP+ features an especially small footprint.

Of course, the OGP+ also frees you from the logistics and safety concerns that come with ordering and handling third-party oxygen cylinders and the usage of a liquid oxygen storage tank.


6 benefits of on-site gas generation

A dependable source of industrial gas is critical in many industries. Atlas Copco On-site gas generators are a reliable source of nitrogen and oxygen. On-site gas generation allows you to produce your own nitrogen or oxygen anytime you need. You can stop relying on third-party suppliers for your nitrogen or oxygen gas supply, make your own with one of our gas generators. Our on-site production of gas offers a wealth of advantages ranging from cost savings to continuous availability.

30% more efficient at full load

The OGP+ brings real performance and efficiency improvements to Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. Thanks to its feed air optimization and best-in-class utilization of ZMS, the OGP+ is 30% more efficient at full load than traditional generators. Because it gets the most out of every kg of adsorbent, the OGP+ also offers a smaller footprint.

The OGP+ uses – and optimizes – a technology called pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to achieve its unprecedented performance. It consists of two separate pressure vessels filled with zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) material that separates the oxygen from the incoming air. At any time, one of these vessels produces oxygen while the other is regenerating its saturated ZMS.

To find out more about pressure swing adsorption and how it works, you can read an article here or watch this video.

PSA technology

70% extra energy savings with Variable Cycle Saver

Energy savings industrial gases

GlobalGenerator capacity

GlobalFeed air & energy savings

GlobalVCS-optimized generator capacity

GlobalOxygen demand


You probably don’t need to use the maximum capacity of your oxygen generator all the time. The OGP+’s Variable Cycle Saver (VCS) eliminates energy waste during lower demand and in colder temperatures, giving you up to 70% additional energy savings.

  1. Low load: When there is less demand for O2, VCS optimizes the PSA cycle to reduce the generator capacity and thus the feed air consump-tion to what is needed to generate the lower volume.
  2. Full load: The generator is sized for reliable production at full load in hot temperatures (if applicable). In these conditions, VCS is not needed.
  3. Seasonal efficiency: At full load in cold conditions, an oxygen genera-tor works more efficiently, increasing its capacity. Here, the VCS of the OGP+ will also kick in to reduce feed air and energy costs.

Advanced features, superior benefits

OGP+ ghost right

The OGP+ was designed and built to deliver best-in-class performance: 

  • Complete machine with O2 sensor, digital flow meter, and pressure regulator included as standard.
  • Automatic start-up for plug-and-play installation.
  • Advanced controller with large HD color touchscreen for easy oxygen purity selection, purity alerts and outstanding connectivity.
  • Feed air and oxygen monitoring and interception

Find out more on the OGP+’s features, specifications and options!


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