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We offer a complete range of down-the-hole products including hammers, bits, pipes, adapters, reverse circulation products, breakout benches and grinding machines with consumables.

Industry standard

Over the years our customers have benefited from our famous series of hammers. Our bit shank designs are considered the industry standard worldwide!

Innovation and commitment over the decades

The down-the-hole hammer manufacturing history goes back more than four decades. For the past 40 years and still today, our goal is to produce the best products for our customers. Customers have been the key focus for the down-the-hole team throughout the years. Each person in production, engineering, marketing and sales is committed to deliver the best products to the market. Now looking back we can proudly say, that we did it!

Down-the-hole bits


Flat front

Applications: Hard and abrasive formations, all-round.
Typical formations: Granite, hard lime-stone, basalt.


Applications:Medium hard to hard and abrasive formations. For higher productivity.
Design feature:Ballistic buttons in front.
Typical formations:Granite, hard limestone, basalt.

Convex front, ballistic

Applications:Soft to medium hard rock. Non abrasive formations. High penetration rate.
Typical formations:Limestone, hard limestone, shale.

Concave front

Applications:Medium hard to hard formations. Less abrasive, fractured formations. Excellent control over hole deviation.
Design feature:HD – larger gauge buttons. DGR – double (overlapping) gauge row. Only from 8".
Typical formations:Granite, hard limestone, basalt.


Applications:Soft to medium hard formations. For exceptional productivity. Fractured rock.
Design feature: Spherical buttons for hard and abrasive formations. Ballistic buttons for soft formations.
Typical formations:Limestone, hard limestone.