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Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools products are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Years of product testing and trials have resulted in a product offering that is simply unmatchable compared to everything else in the industry.

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Whether it is a single item you require, or a complete drill string solution, Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools is proud to be there for your needs and requirements.

Our solution

Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools offers a complete solution of deep hole drilling tools for todays productivity demands.


Secoroc hammers are purpose-matched for all rock types and applications. Choosing the right hammer is largely determined by hole size and type of rock formation. Ideally, the size of the hammer should match the required hole dimension as closely as possible, leaving just enough space for cuttings to evacuate the hole.


Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools has a comprehensive range of DTH drill bits to match all conceivable applications. Each bit is made from quality alloy steel, and has been precision machined to produce a perfect body, heat treated to the required hardness, given surface compression for fatigue resistance, and fitted with precision buttons manufactured in-house


Fluids sometimes need to be injected to clean a drilled hole, and until Hydrocyclone technology, drilling speeds were compromised as fluids were injected. Atlas Copco Secoroc’s exclusive, patented system expels injected fluids just above the down-hole drill. The result? As much fluid as necessary can be injected without concern for loss of performance. The hole stays clean, and the hammer runs as if it were operating dry.

Jet subs

Over-the-hammer Jet Subs allow large volumes of air to be bypassed above the hammer. This feature reduces operating pressure and allows more hole cleaning for deep, wet or soft rock applications. The jet sub prevents power losses normally associated with air bypass. Upward facing venturis allow extremely high volumes of bypass flow to escape behind the hammer. Does not require booster compressors.