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LF industrial oil-free aluminum piston compressors

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High reliability

Thanks to a unique, robust design and the optimal combination of quality materials, our LF compressors offer improved performance and extended product lifetime

Easy maintenance & low running costs

Components and service points of the LF are easily accessible. Low operational costs even after a long product lifetime

Saving floor space

The compressor is directly coupled with the motor which is designed with lightweight materials like aluminum and provides excellent cooling characteristics. Ideal when you face limited space requirements

The oil free option

Atlas Copco’s innovative oil-free aluminum LF compressor is designed to provide the best possible quality air cost-effectively. As contamination in your air supply can cause decline in performance, an increase of maintenance cost and productivity loss. The LF, on the other hand, satisfies the conditions where oil cannot be tolerated.

Certified 100% oil-free air

LF compressors provide 100% pure, clean air that complies with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification. CLASS 0 refers to zero risks of contamination, damages or unsafe products, losses from operational downtime, and zero risk of damaging your company’s professional reputation.

LF oil-free working pressure

The LF single-stage oil-free reciprocating compressors are designed to operate with maximum working pressure of 10 bar (145 psi) and capacities from 3.1 to 15.5 l/s at 50Hz, 7.6 to 38.6 cfm at 60Hz.

LF oil-free aluminum piston compressors in detail

LF Technical specification

Capacidade FAD em l/s

0 l/s - 0 l/s

Capacidade FAD

0,19 m³/h - 0,93 m³/h

Pressão de trabalho

10 bar(e) - 0 bar(e)

Potência do motor instalado

1,5 kW - 7,5 kW
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